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Slow Violence
New Teen Angst Pt. 2

Despite popular 21st century entertainment enterprises saying otherwise — you don't need to drag those adventures out and translate each page of scripture into an epic four-part mini-series in order to validate their worth. Peter Jackson, you're a fucking hack. And those overblown episodes you're spending a lifetime making are paper-thin on value, especially when you consider the fact the same amount of suspenseful enthralment could be contained within thirteen minutes of audible communication.

Coincidentally, that's exactly what mysterious US-based, Canberra bedroom producer, Slow Violence, does on his debut release.

Opener, Time Trial, sets a defiant tone. Abrupt, restless and distractingly complicated, setting off four different ideas, twelve minor sub-plots and feeding you tiny fragments of personality in-between the mechanical linearity. Everything is displayed through squinted eyes, delivered with the assumption that we've been briefed on the details. Of course we haven't, we entering this at a midpoint, because (most) stories don't commence with the beginning of human existence. It's easy to become stressed over the state of this incomplete picture, but as tension and tragedy begin to tangle during the second movement, Limb, it's obvious that the traditional narrative arc is forming, building towards an inevitable destination, twisting and turning as it unravels.

It's not until the third act, Crushin', that we're introduced to the emotive essence of our solitary human character. Cries that oscillate between pleasure and anguish interweave as the plot becomes increasingly doused with clarity. It's the most comforting and compassionate element of this adventure, existing somewhere between light-hearted comic relief and calming peacefulness. But it's short-lived, however, destroyed as the plot path reaches it's dramatic pinnacle with Lullaby, where the imminent, unavoidable and, seemingly inevitable, intersection between this human character and the unfolding tragedy finally collide. From here, the only destination left is resolution, a calming finale from our storyteller via Kidz — the solitary moment where lucidity dominates over logistics.

New Teen Angst Pt. 2 is a fantastic introduction to an artist that not only has the sufficient skills to craft interesting, electronic-based music, but also the ability and unabridged focus to formulate these individual particles into a single, economically precise composition.

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Slow Violence


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