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Polaroids Of Androids


Tyler, The Creator

Sometime last night when you were either: a) bumping and grinding on that new girl from accounts as after work drinks slowly morphed into after work regrets or; b) watching NP go hard in da paint, this video hit the internet and everyone went more coco loco than cocaine-laced-weed (whoa!) and/or a stockpiled crate of a banned energy drink.

And rightly so. Tyler's engaging charisma, endless facial contortions and expressive vocal switches make this song/video incredibly engaging. "Can't take my eyes of you". And other [faggot] shit. If you were sitting back, surfing Nah Right and waiting for the Odd Future hipster blog hype to wear off, then TC just encouraging you to renew your Zshare subscription* for you another six months. At the very least.

Yonkers is the first single from Goblin, Tyler's new album which is expected to be released around April via (obvs) Odd Future.

* This, this, this and this.

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Fuckin yeah

7 years ago


Couldn't understand a word he said.

7 years ago


talented manchild

7 years ago


I keep showing this to people either getting immediate love or "what the fuck? you are disturbed"

7 years ago

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