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Polaroids Of Androids


Total Control
Expensive Dog

Bloody easy to give these blokes one of your best slants. And not purely because of their chosen residential location (Melbourne) and our (Sydneysiders) apparent age-old rivalry with such dwellers (PS: it's all at your end Melbers). But, that serious tone, with such an intense accompanying glare. Come on guys. Up here, we take our music with a self-deprecating smirk and a retreating step. Just launch your peepers in the direction of this high-horsed introduction currently presented on the band's official webspace:

From crescent raised about yonder Portsea, summoned us hither and puts a microphone in the window and turned on the computer. This time it took a little more to control the flashes of light. We have a man of no good. In contrast with Australia. A system that really stinks. Who killed megafauna, was it you or was it me? Just one question remains, how much are you clearing these days?

We're all marching every march. And your positional advantage probably makes you feel compelled to deliver such sentences, but why deviate? Especially when your music holds such significant weight as it's own isolated entity...

Saving grace. The pure definition of such a term, in fact. And strong enough to distract us from those purposefully meandering website quotations. Which, as it turns out, is just a small sample of the longwinded linear notes contained within their wrapping of their new record, Typical System. Paragraphs that are easy to ignore when that shiny silver thing inside them contains such defining bliss.

Typical System is out Internationally on June 24 via Iron Lung and locally via the band/Inertia this Friday, June 20. Stream the rest of the record right now via Pitchfork.

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Total Control


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8 years ago

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Phyllis Stein

that text on the website is obviously not serious right

8 years ago

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