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Polaroids Of Androids


The UV Race
Be Your Self

More clappity clap than a swingers retreat, and twice as much legalised fun. The kind of place where you can just do whatever you want. Act your age. Or don't. Just let you pubes down guys.

Be Your Self is the first taste from The UV Race's new album Racism, out on November 13.

You can also catch the band in silver screen thespian format tonight at the Sydney debut screening of Autonomy and Deliberation. Directed by Johann Rashid, "the most important film of 2012" stars The UV Race in the main roles, battling their way through a post-apocalyptic alt-reality space where they're not a band but they probably bloody well should be. It also features the cream of the Australian (Melbourne) musical world, including cameos from School of Radiant Living, The Twerps, Boomgates, Total Control, Lost Animal, Dick Diver and Woollen Kits. Here's the trailer...

The screening will be happening at 9pm at the Dendy Opera Quays. Tickets are $10 from Repressed Records (free with the purchase of any UV Race releas) or $12 on the door. On the undercard for the evening they'll also be two shorts (films, not little fellas in a jello tub duking it out) — Twelve Dark Noons (starring Naked On The Vague) and Resurrection Fixation. Some more info here.

Twelve Dark Noons

Resurrection Fixation

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