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I Play 2 Win

Previously on Polaroids Of Olympic Spirit Roids, we analysed the path of former-medalist/legend, Secrets, as he tripped over his competitors in the pursuit of glory as the world's premier sponge of MS-DOS-based, trapped-in-1992-like-Rudy-Huxtable Pop Music. Now, amidst the depressing post-Olympia blue haze, we once again turn to our loyal servant for inspiration. And by inspiration, we of course mean lonesome podium shuffling in (unwashed) white y-fronts.

I Play 2 Win features on Secrets' new Olympics-inspired EP, Ambitions, out today via DIY/bedroom imprint, Crystal Magic.

From the official "presser"...

The music on this disc was inspired by the near winners of the 2012 Olympic Games. In particular those athletes who were groomed for gold and yet didn't quite live up to their countries expectations. Both tracks one and two of this disc are meditations on those moments filtered through my own personal struggles. We should never stop being awed by individuals that do extraordinary things. More importantly we should relish our own victories, be it making a fancy dinner for friends, getting dressed in the morning or walking in the footsteps of our dreams.

Download Ambitions for whatever-ya-like dollars over on the Crystal Magic Bandcamp.

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