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Polaroids Of Androids


Rick Ross
Sixteen (featuring Andre 3000)

This is an absolutely remarkable song. Nothing to do with Ricky Ross, the polished crystal Justice League beat, that bloody heart-tugging saxaphone, or even the who-let-Lil-Wayne-in? guitar twiddle at the end. No this is Andre 3000 at his bloody finest. Dropping about 160 bars. Elastically tongue-tying himself like a underpaid trombonist. Painting glorious large-scale pictures and effortlessly tagging the walls of a well-kept hotel room. Dancing, weaving. Emotively on the edge of breaking down and yet still sounding cooler than Stevie Wonderful nibbling on an Iced Vovo. Getting his polka-dotted frilly underwear in a knot and then carelessly discarding them with an effortless flick right into the face of Rick, who is looking on and having a mild heart-attack/stroke even just imagining attempting linguistically complexities like this.

Sixteen is from Ross' new album, God Forgives, I Don't, which is out on July 31. And Andre 3000's looooong awaiting solo album is still just a flicker in the eye of Everyone.

And for those keen, there's (apparently) still Heaps of tickets left for The Rick Ross Australian Probably Won't Happen 2012 Tour:

Thursday, September 6: Melbourne Festival Hall, Melbourne
Friday, September 7: The Big Top at Luna Park, Sydney

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