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Red Red Krovvy

"Red Red Krovvy is Cairns' only ever punk band" says the Bigger Warnock. And it's probably a true statement. The Northern Capital is more famous for Cans Of Cat Piss carelessly thrown in the face of City Slicking, than actual Punk Music. Try and split those two hairs. Meanwhile, the two heirs we have here (Big W from the Bed Wetters and Ashbury from Pop Singles) have travelled as far away from the Tropical North as they possibly could. But somehow Red Red Krovvy and their high school punk ambitions have chased them down. Small town punx in your larger city. Doing it quick and dirty, the way it always should be. "Songwriting is easy". Bloody great closing argument for your press release Benjamin Matlock.

The band are planning to release something later in the year. Before that though, they're planning to play everywhere and anywhere that'll 'ave them, including tomorrow evening at the Shannon Hotel, alongside the Straight Arrows and a bunch of other legends.

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Red Red Krovvy


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Quick and Easy mysterious backstory for a young punk band while discounting any other bored young people in that city. Big W left straight after high school, played back at a houseshow maybe once, how does he get to define a town?

Also Adam Ritchie is the member that doesn't ever get referenced but works pretty hard. Art Doom, Mangiamo, Beware Wolf, Graveworks, Fear Through Force, (all in Cairns) went on to play in Angel and Baby Chain and Drunk Mums as well.

Two better punk bands than Red Red Krovvy from Cairns: Rank Skank and Batpiss (no relation to melburne band)

5 years ago

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