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Polaroids Of Androids


Power Moves

When my turntable gets wobbly these records often fall. Ninety-four dollars isn't enough for a portable ethenyl player, even with that tough poly-neutron outer rim and those beautiful automated arms. Knew that minor side-track into the world of vinyl collection/obsession was worth a more sustainable, long-term investment. Now I'm stuck with needles dropping out more than Shakes on his fourth lap and songs binded to Horse MacGyver adventures, filtered through vacuums of ethernet suffocation — ideally warped, yet at other times sounding like a low-ranked weed-carrier hanging out in the Warp beats studio. But this is right here is all the former, drifting in and out of the best and worst of Keith Sweat, ignorable doo-rag fashion stances and, of course, a splash of smooth, g-funked, pack-flattened shoulder-shrugging gentlemen-ness.

Power Moves is the solo project of Austin Buckett from Golden Blonde (side note: their new album is incredible). Selfish will feature on his debut beat tape, Psycho Shower Scene, which is out next week via Dream Damage.

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Power Moves
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