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Polaroids Of Androids


Per Purpose

B is for the other side of the record. Ordinarily the non-business side, the informal alternative to the Let's Make Some Hits lead. Unless you're from the Sunny Foreign Land of Queensland. They don't even have daytime saving up there, so you never know what you can expect. And although this song claims to be all about Business and making it and pulling on some novelty ties because it's Wednesday, it's really just a perfect shambolic mess. Kinda like 2am when the tie comes off, the hooker rubs her diseased clit against your paycheck and your strife and kids once again go hungry.

Coincidentally enough, this song is called Business and it's the B-side on the latest Per Purpose 7", Warburton, which is out this Friday (July 6) via Bedroom Suck. The band kick off their launch tour tomorrow evening in Newcastle, expecting to arrive inside us Sydneysiders sometime over the weekend for a couple of big shows with some big names.

Thursday, July 5: Terrace Bar, Newcastle
Saturday, July 7: Red Rattler, Sydney (Repressed Records Party)
Sunday, July 8: Hotel Hollywood, Sydney
Wednesday, July 11: The Phoenix, Canberra
Thursday, July 12: Liberty Social Club, Melbourne
Friday, July 13: The Grand Poobah, Hobart
Saturday, July 14: Rat Palace, Hobart
Sunday, July 15: The Metro, Adelaide
Friday, July 27: Galleria, Perth
Saturday, July 28: Da Da's, Perth
Tuesday, August 14: Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane

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Per Purpose


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