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Polaroids Of Androids


Glamour Lakes

Nine months ago when we first checked-in with mysterious beatmaker Glamour Lakes, he/she were chasing that last fleeting moment of summer. Sure, it was only Brovember but we were already neck deep in poolside necking parties, shoving drugs and love and whatever-your-poisons into every one of our orifices, like those dingbats from The Office (US) as soon as the Friday 5pm bell rings. We needed some saving. Some warmth to just breeze through our locks. Roof — as well equally impressive follow-ups Falls and Mantle — were perfectly non-obtrusive, yet hardly linear, surrounding us and filling up our brains with a smothering sunshine.

Canicule is the winter version, with sharper and more jagged edges, focusing on quick blinks and micro side-steps. Atmospheric elements remain, yet rather than swamping us with whitewash and the warming blanket of Cancer, the track sputters sharply with half-filled promises of chemically-enhanced euphoria and jittery loops. The end result is the same though, with this restless flinching spinning our craniums into a catatonic haze, once again arriving at a mediative point of numbness.

Canicule, which ironically enough is French for "heatwave", is the title track from Glamour Lakes' forthcoming debut EP. Due out sometime before the temperature starts rising again.

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Glamour Lakes


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