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Polaroids Of Androids


Dr. Dre
I Need A Doctor (featuring Eminem and Skylar Grey)

Emmy Shady brings his Older Gentleman Lover/Mentor "Doctor" Dre back to life, with help from his highly sophisticated/stylish G-Shock watch and his detailed, complex metaphors and complicated flow heaps of yelling.

This is actually a fairly eyegasmic (high-budget) video for what is an incredibly ordinary song — the first single from Dre's highly anticipated Detox record.

Let's all buy Hewlett Packard portable readers... YEAH!

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Dr Dre
Skylar Grey


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Got a feeling this album's gonna suck harder than a ho that somebody made a housewife.

Hope I'm wrong.

7 years ago

god is dead

that super sucked. should have pulled the plug on him

7 years ago

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