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Polaroids Of Androids


DJ Swearjar
I'm Alan Jones (Hug Me)

Let's recap. Radio broadcaster Alan Jones makes some disgusting comments about Lady Julia Grillhard's dead father. Advertisers pretend to be horrified. He then does a heartless "yeah, mate I'm heaps sorry aye" apology that outrages everybody that's ever had a relative die, died themselves and/or heard about someone dying. Then, John "Above The" Laws appears on The 730 Report dressed as a pimp, sipping a strong Malibu and Coke, kissing his ridik gold rings and refusing to take the media bait to kick Jonesy in the gutty wuts. Then, DJ Swearjar aka @paradisenights aka Bong Yza steps into the debate, splicing AJ's infamous loose tongue (no homo) with a few Indiana Jones phobias and some deep throbbing base lines.

Grab an MP3 of the track here, listen to more of his (more serious) beats/smoked-out adventures here and/or follow his stoner Tumblr here.

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DJ Swearjar
Alan Jones


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