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Polaroids Of Androids


Day Ravies
Sunshine Punch

The weather in our beloved Olde Sydney Towne is beyond ridiculous today. Chiwawas are flying pass the office windows, the previously reliable Windows 97 (Beta) keeps crashing as Bill Gates Tower repeatedly falls over, causing millions of miniature dogs to levitate with fear and repeating this endless loop until all our Operating Systems are more useless than ever. Luckily and Thankfully, we've installed a little bit of Tropical_Fisting.exe to patch up our struggling lives.

Sunshine Punch is a melodic affair. Not a romantic endeavour with a girl called Melodie, just a perfectly harmonious, warm and fuzzy outing, like the feeling of falling in love with a right-side-of-the-tracks Never Been Plowed flower of innocence. Clean up your act mate. And while you're at it, download the whole Day Ravies EP for just four dollars, roughly the price of five seconds of punishing cyber-sex with the aforementioned slice of flora.

Catch Day Ravies playing Tonight at the Brighton (Up) Bar on Oxford Street, alongside fellow ratbags/legends, Rat King and No Art. It's the first of a bunch of (Sydney) dates the band will be tackling in the next few months, including support slots for Pond and Beach Fossils.

Friday, August 10: Brighton Bar w/ Rat King & No Art
Thursday, August 23: FBi Social w/ Bearhug, Beef Jerk & Family
Saturday, September 8: FBi Social w/ Nikko, Solkyri & Sucks
Wednesday, September 12: Beach Road Hotel w/ Twerps
Thursday, September 20: The Metro w/ Pond & Melodie Nelson
Friday, October 12: Good God w/ Beach Fossils

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Day Ravies


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