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Polaroids Of Androids


Buzz Kull

Follow 'em down a worm hole. Oh, Internet you blessed little mess of things. One minute you're perving on some double-x rated softcore pr0n pics of Donny Bent and the next microsecond you're balls deep into his Tweeter account, clicking an URL that sends you over to a mixtape by a bunch of ruffian young party fiends. And then before you know what's what and who's the boss, you're on another cloud altogether, punching above your weight and smirking at the phrase "darkwave".

Here is Sydney male/female duo Buzz Kull. Here is some more music by the wavy haus next generation. Bloom is their latest piece, a perfectly out-of-line bit of crunch 'n' drone, kinda (exactly) like doing sit-ups in a goth cloak while your mates Skype You their experiences of taking uppers and downers at the same time in the hope of just leveling out (for once).

Bloom is set to be officially released "soon" via LA-based label Function Operate, packaged with a coupla remixes, including this impressive cranium-throbber by B. Deep.

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Buzz Kull


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