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Polaroids Of Androids


Episode 89

Splinter [In Ya Ass, Mate] is an all-day festival happening this Saturday (July 26) at a chipper little pub known as The Chippendale Hotel. In Chippendale. Sydney. It's being put on by Sam and Morgs, aka Exploding Heads, the same kids who organised the Bad Day Out festival back in January.

In celebration (read: promotion) of this ten-hour noise extravaganza, former The Square (R.I.P) booker and current fulltime legend, Kim Tan, sat down with the two head exploders, as well as Alan and Ivan from one of the bands on the bill, Narrow Lands, to shoot some shit about what you and I can expect from the day, as well as Tanned Christ Fashion and how "girlfriend friendly" certain acts are.

DOWNLOAD (40 minutes / 57mb)

Between the chittering, we also sliced a few songs, just a sampling of some of the bands that'll be performing on the day. Head here for the full run-down.

  1. Dead China Doll - Face Fuckers Unite For Aids
  2. Lovely Head / Teenage Mustache - Kennedy
  3. Narrow Lands - Hate Summer In Sydney
  4. Bone - Ropes
  5. Bare Grillz - Party Carpet

Pre-sale tickets for Splinter available now via Moshtix. Heaps of other info over on the FB Event Page.

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Dead China Doll
Lovely Head
Teenage Mustache
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Bare Grillz


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