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Polaroids Of Androids


Episode 34
We probably won't live forever in the electronic future

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Slackness vs Electro Gods

If this collection of songs were sharp daggers they would surely cut your insides out and fry them up in the style of a Sunday morning hangover cure. Like a fresh dose of love battling a stale dosage of lust and/or another terrible metaphor used purely to fill in some space before tracks are listed and explained.

1. Dan Deacon - The Crystal Cat
He is a bolding man with a love of over-the-top synth chaos. When it comes together, like on this track, it's a little bit special. From his new album Spiderman Of The Rings.

2. Batrider - Pink Guitars
A new track from one of our most loved local acts, taken from their new, acoustic only, EP - Pink Guitars, Yellow Stars.

3. Black Moth Super Rainbow - Sun Lips
The standout song from their Dandelion Gum album.

4. Fait Accompli - Shut Up And Dance
Although this is a fantastic song, it only conveys about one tenth of the awesomeness of this Sydney group. The other nine parts coming into play in their live show.

5. Battles - Atlas
If your not listening to Mirrored on repeat by now then your fucked. DRUMS!!!!

6. The Flaming Lips - Can't Get You Out Of My Head (live)
Yes, they took a Kylie Minogue pop-tastic bubblegum song and re-did it, and made it painfully sad.

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Dan Deacon
Black Moth Super Rainbow
Fait Accompli
The Flaming Lips


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