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Win: a double pass to Bad Day Out

No, we're not talking about going to the Royal Easter Show and spending all your pocket money before midday, not getting that GI Joe showbag because they've sold out and are waiting for a re-up from Head Office and projectiling-yer-lunch all over your mates whilst riding the Gravitron. We're not evening talking about that fateful day many years later when that same Gravitron become unhinged from it's sturdy concreted carnival contraption, rolled down the hill and into the pub you were currently holding court, moments away from throwing down a perfect "one hundred and eighty" [booming dart commentator voice]. Killing everyone you ever cared for, and also ruining your Dart Chucking Arm, thus sabotaging your future big money earnings and romantic endeavours with the 4th best looking Ladbroke-endorsed model in South Essex.

No, we're talking about Music. What a big bloody surprise. Seeing as that seems to be the principal functionality/category here.

Bad Day Out is a new music festival to be hosted on January 26 (Australia Day) at the Petersham Bowling Club, Petersham, Australia. It'll run from midday to late-ish (around 11) and play host to some of this nation's finest. Full line-up and details over here.

And, to help soften the blow inflicted by your terrible Gravitron-related luck over the past few decades, we've got a double pass to Bad Day Out 2014 to give-away. Simply tell us about a very very bad day you once had. The more fictional and explicit the better. Send your entry to [email protected] with the subject BAD DAY OUT.

Recently, we sat down down inside a snug chat room with one of the organisers, Samuel White, to find out what people can expect on the day (spoiler: they're not planning to set up a Gravitron on the bowling green).

Here's Sam slamming some Very Best, just in case you were going to question his credentials for hosting an Australia Day Celebration.

So, what give us a rundown of Bad Day Out and how it came about?

Morgz and I just wanted to do an event where we could just handpick some of our favourite bands locally and interstate. And we thought what better time to do it than Australia Day!

But isn't Australia Day all about getting your Southern Cross tat coloured in and flying around this beautiful girted nation of ours with an Australian flag cape?

Unfortunately so, (don't get me started on Union jacks either) but for some, people aren't happy or proud to celebrate these things — hence the reason we've created this haven. There's obviously piss-taking undertones with the whole day as well.

I think with the lineup we'll be attracting a group music lovers who aren't gronks — that's the aim anyway.

And with the line-up, it's obviously fairly varied — the south coast sunshine pop of Shining Bird, the fury of the Whipped Cream Chargers, and the fucking Holy Soul. Was that an intentional move, to showcase what the local scene has to offer... or is that just kinda how it came together?

Yeah definitely. We wanted to have some variation in the line up. We also wanted to have it this way because bands and their lineups are quite insular, playing to to the same crew, not cos they're snobs, but because they don't really jump around too much and network. We hope all the bands make new buddies on the day.

Aside from the music, what else can people expect on the day? 2-up?

Nah... 2-ups illegal except for on Anzac Day isn't it?

Oh, yeah.

We'll be doing a mullet booth though.

Ha! Really?

Yeah... I cant take credit for the idea, it was my partner-in-crime's idea. But yes, a mullet booth... clippers, stool, no mirrors and a lot of disappointed bosses/mums/girlfriends on Monday I'd say.

Two thumbs up.

Will people purchasing non-Australian beer be harshly judged?

NO JUDGEMENT. But have you seen the taps at the PBC? Heaven. There's some great local brews. You can expect a of bit cricket on the bowlo lawn, a pig on the spit (soz vegos), tasty grogs, good blokes and [of course] some great bands.

Speaking of which, I suppose people are fairly familiar with the top end of the bill — Holy Soul, Shining Bird, Zeahorse etc. But what about those in the early part of the day? Always the toughest spot. Sell it to me?

Well, the middle and early stuff for me personally was really fun to book. Adults for example, they are a great band, great for kids with ADHD, theres like 9-20 riffs/ideas packed into each song. Bad Jeep are the only band to this day I've seen locally where the whole crowd cant help but smile — each one of them is a fucking card. Okay Cocaine is Geordie and James from The Go Roll Your Bones' new shit so I am really keen to see those on stage again.

Do we need to speak about Zeahorse here? There's a good chance they'll steal the day.

Oh yeah? You know, I don't think I've ever seen them.

Okay Cocaine is such a terrific name. Awesome to hear The Bone Rollers are back doing something.

I think we all are happy about that! I just hope people come down a little early than most would plan to check out the early bands. Mezko will be great too.

And people can pre-buy tickets?

YES they can [right here].

Ok, Sam. Knock 'em dead mate. Everyone should get there early. Capacity is limited, the PBC is the best and this line-up is amazing.

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